Sunday, 29 July 2012

Civil liberties only protect "criminals, terrorists and pedophiles"

Have you seen the London Olympic mascots? One of these Orwellian freaks features is this series of posters highlighting the ever-encroaching surveillance state in the UK (and globally).

This is the police state

As the opening ceremony spectacle rolled out, UK police were terrorising cyclists on a Critical Mass bicycle ride in London.

This video is here with these posters as the copstar is a kindred spirit with the freak mascots. He's clearly loving the Olympic atmosphere.

This is the surveillance state

 UK Home Secretary Theresa May has criticised opponents of the new warrantless Internet spying bill as “conspiracy theorists”. She then proposed that the civil liberties affected only protect "criminals, terrorists and pedophiles" anyway.

So here's the poster series... download and use freely... especially in London (watch your back!).

More Olympically inspired posters

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